Treasure Trail


The Hedley Out & About Club chose to run a Treasure Trail for its May outing, and what may sound a daunting task to some, in reality consisted of a gentle stroll around Salisbury’s Cathedral Close and cloisters in the warm Spring sunshine, and involved taking a far closer look at the residences and plaques to be found there. A day out for nosy neighbours really.

The daunting task began with a sociable get together in the cathedral’s Refectory Cafe for a morning beverage, for a catch-up with friends, a swift tirade about Salisbury’s road system and illogical parking arrangements, and to, eventually, acquire the Treasure Trail instructions for the trifling sum of £1 pp (this club is some bargain)!

Small teams then set off at their own time and pace (while the organisers caught up on some necessary shopping). After a ninety minute amble, with clues solved, it was time to re-convene in Cafe Diwali in Crane Street for a well-earned refresher and, what everyone agreed, proved a wonderfully tasty lunch (the restaurant is recommended).

The morning’s task had proved so demanding that all the attendees had come up with the correct remaining culprit and murder weapon after solving the Treasure Trail clues. So, a draw was required to determine the winners……… many congratulations go to John and Di Herrett – with all that chutney to dispose of we expect a Cheese & Wine party any day now.

One of our members eager to begin.

And another, no so keen…..

Peter, looking for clues in a different direction.

Well, perhaps this is the way?

What some members will do to get the right answers.

Langdon and the team deciding getting the right answer isn’t worth investing in a helmet and a hi-vis jacket.


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