Pimms and BBQ Party


It is eight years since the Hedley Out & About Club first arranged a “Pimms and BBQ” party for its members. During those eight years the event has become a popular annual jamboree. You would think then, by now, the club’s committee would have the arrangements, logistics and catering down to a fine art, and….. THEY HAVE!

Fine weather helps of course (the last time it was held at Langdon and Dawn’s the day was apocalyptic), but success comes with good planning and an eye for the “little details” that accentuate the enjoyment. The right number of tables and chairs is a good start, but little delights arise from the considered, considerate extras, the fresh from the hosts’ garden posies, brightly-coloured tables, the lighting awaiting dusk, the preparation of the food and its “slaving over a hot grill” cooking, the fine and, where required, cold wine. All these attributes and, of course, the excellent company, are what make the day such a popular one in the HO&A calendar.

I am prejudiced, naturally, but it wasn’t just the weather that was sunny. The day was one of our best ever. So, a very big and heartfelt “Thank you” to Langdon and Dawn for all their hard work and for letting us disrupt their peace and invade their home and hospitality for a whole weekend. Thanks also for others on the committee (David, Katie, John, Di, Keith, Sally and Sarah) for their sterling efforts, and to everyone else that “mucked in” at various times in the setting up and clearing up (Mike and Peter predominantly). Additional thanks are also extended to Brian and Chris for the loan of their BBQ and gas bottle, and another thank you to Sarah for finding a second gas bottle at the last minute when it transpired some cretin had bought the wrong sort of gas along for his instrument.

May next Summer be as sunny and as cheery.

The colourful dining room.

And the kitchen.

Everything is ready…… awaiting the horde.

Let battle commence.

Time to annoy everyone while they are eating (1)

Time to annoy everyone while they are eating (2)

Time to annoy everyone while they are eating (3)

Time to annoy everyone while they are eating (4)

Time to annoy everyone while they are eating (5)

Time to annoy everyone while they are eating (6) – and our Secretary on a mission…..

It’s getting late……

The hangers-on (1)

The hangers-on (2)


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