Whist Drive


There was a distinct possibility that the Hedley Out & About Club would have to cancel its first monthly event since its inauguration way back in March 2009 as there had been few takers for the proposed Whist Drive this month. (There is a rumour that this is due to the temptations of fixed-odds betting terminals in Salisbury, and their imminent neutering by the Government. The machines that is, not the members.)

Anyway, a limited number of attendees meant the Memorial Hall booking just wouldn’t work well. We were therefore very grateful that David and Katie stepped to the fore and generously offered up their home for the event instead. As it was, their warm and homely “pile”, and their thoughtful and meticulously planned logistics, made for a much more relaxed and fun evening. However, it should be noted for future such events of this kind, that members seem increasingly to find following instructions more and more troublesome as the evening wears on. I can’t think why!

David also volunteered to take the role of organiser, referee, chief sommelier, and “capitan” of dish and bottle washing for the evening. The other 16 members were then free to concentrate on the white-heat of competition. So further grateful thanks are due on that score, especially as the organising role increased substantially as those instructions became more and more difficult for members.

The evening proved to be a fairly raucous, combative, highly-amusing, and much-liquified one. It was a good job that Katie, Di and Sally had come up trumps (get it?) on the food front once again. So, another joyous and successful evening with the spoils going to Sue Taylor and Keith Weymouth, who both somehow emerged with the most tricks at the end of the evening.


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