Skittles Evening


The ongoing travails at The Black Horse in West Tytherley meant that the Hedley Out & About Club were forced to look elsewhere for a venue for its Skittles evening this year. (It was a priority to find somewhere else as we needed to wrest the club’s coveted champion’s trophy from the vice-like grip of Jenny Marshall). Once over the shock of the skittle alley fees at The Mill Arms in Dunbridge, it was a relief to discover The Silver Plough in Pitton were less rapacious, more hospitable and able to entertain all 24 of our number in their warm and welcoming tavern.

Our number were first divided into two teams, one representing the “core” of the village, the other representing “outliers” (or those that don’t walk to the village shop). After three attempts each at the skittles, and a totalling of final scores, the “core” squeaked a narrow victory of 229 to 223. However, it has to be said that the win was mainly down to a superb bit of bowling by Sue Hill, who, at this stage, just couldn’t miss, racking up a total score of 31. Her performance earned her first prize on the night, a bottle of vintage Grand Cru from a prestigious Burgundy vineyard, while the runner-up position went to Julia Hayday, who didn’t get a bottle…….

Time to dine. The Plough had provided copious quantities of very tasty chicken curry and lasagne with chips and salad, as well as catering separately for the vegetarians in our number. Everyone seemed happy with the fodder, indeed I now know where the phrase “chips with everything” originates.

After the repast everyone entered into the knock-out tournament. Three lives and you’re out style….. Again it looked as though Sue Hill would triumph in this contest, but Diana Bernhard proved doggedly resourceful and, in the end, pipped Sue at the post, and was therefore able to clutch the trophy and escort it home for the year. She was still holding it aloft out of the car window as she and Geoff drove away from the car park after the night’s revels.


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