Croquet and Tea

The Hedley Out & About Club tried its hand at Croquet for its monthly sortie in September. One to cross off the “bucket list”. Admittedly, I only added it to the list on the morning of the event, but one needs a little inspired invention to get a sense of achievement in these stressed times. I’ve just added getting an article published in Steeple & Street to the list as well …….   I’m roaring through it!

We were relatively small in number for such a beautiful afternoon, but, being just 14 did mean we were all able to play all the time, and that we were all provided with an amiable, knowledgeable and well-practised mentor to guide us through the rules and nuances of the sport. However, our number also meant that one didn’t get to talk to other members away from each “pitch” (is it a “pitch”?) until teatime. Mind you, the heat of competition didn’t foster idle chatter, the stakes were too high…….. well they weren’t really, they were in the ground and they are called hoops.

I can’t say the sport is my forte. I can only speak for myself and my experience in my little foursome, but I know I’m wasting my time against the sort of hustling demonstrated by Hilary on our “green” (is it a “green”?). When a “novice” can split two balls and cast them asunder whilst their ball can then continue on a trajectory smoothly through a hoop, I know when I should return to the tiddlywinks.

As it happened we all returned to the clubhouse for coffee, tea and cake and to catch up, banter and wallow in our successes. I was speechless.

It proved a very successful and enjoyable afternoon. Our grateful thanks go to the Hamptworth Croquet Club for their hospitality and to Richard for the expert organisation.

Sue giving us all a lesson (with Hilary thinking “I can do better than that”).

The action on Pitch 2

Meanwhile, on Lawn No.3

Back on Rink 1 someone doesn’t know what he is doing.

Whilst on Green 4 it’s all too easy.


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