Skittles & Curry – 23/02/18


Once again the Hedley Out & About Club have made use of the warm welcome, cosy atmosphere, and competitive facilities of The Black Horse at West Tytherley for a spot of light exercise and spicy provender. A skittles and curry night would seem to be becoming an annual event, probably because there is so much demand for that coveted prize, not a tawdry plastic “Pointless” doorstop, but sparkling silverware — the HO&A Skittles Trophy.

It wasn’t so warm when we entered the alley, but the two log fires and body warmth of 36 Hedley Out & About members soon raised the temperature. We’re such a friendly bunch.

Our large number meant that an immediate start was necessary, and a need for members to get to the “okey” fairly quickly whenever they were called, but even that meant that the pre-dinner challenge still had to be limited to two throws each. The total scores, ably maintained and computed by Langdon, saw the “Outliers” (those not in the “centre” of Whiteparish) beat those who do reside more centrally by 197 skittles to 185. The best scorers from this round were Jane Legat and the Treasurer of the club, Keith Weymouth (who had to survive a knock-out against Mike Thorne, John Harrison and Peter Kidman to get hands on his reward, but I bet he wishes he had spent more money on the prizes now).

After a very tasty and generous curry supper, the knock-out competition began. Here, players are whittled down slowly to those who have an eye for this sort of thing. There was a distinct feeling of “deja vu” though because the majority of the last few standing were ladies once again and Diana Bernhard was again runner-up, as last year. However, it was Jenny Marshall who was the overall winner, and it is she who ended the evening holding the trophy aloft. It was a shame though that Richard refused to carry Jenny on his shoulders around the pub on a lap of honour.


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