Salisbury Treasure Trail


It was a very depleted contingent of “Hedley Out & Abouters” that gathered for a morning tea/coffee in Reeves in Salisbury on Monday 13th May. For a number of varied reasons committed members had been pulling out of attending over the weekend and this left our organisers with a surfeit of “Treasure Trails” to hand out. Of the 21 expected a week ago, we were now only twelve.

Our third Treasure Trail, after one in Romsey and one around the cathedral, this one centred on the “Historic Inns of Salisbury”, a route you would think many of our brethren would be well aware of already……

After the mid-morning refresher, our diminutive gang broke into pairs or groups of three and set out to follow the trail, the idea being to observe clues en-route, thereby crossing off pub names from a list which would leave them with one pub name, and therefore, the solution.

When we met later in The Pheasant Inn for lunch it was evident the eyes of our depleted HO&A contingent are beginning to fail. Just the one entry with only one pub name left, some clues had passed others by. So, the cornucopia of spoils went to John and Di Herrett. I do hope they like fudge and piccalilli.

Running a little behind schedule, Peter & Sally must be commended for not diving into The Pheasant before completing the trail.

Di is happy with her prize…..

….. but has to share with John.

Other participants were not so happy with the result.


2 thoughts on “Salisbury Treasure Trail

  1. Having watched carefully for a report on the AGM, you can imagine the glee that I experienced when it appeared first thing this morning. I tried to find the accounts, being interested in the size of the dividend being paid, but obviously misunderstood the cryptic message contained in the Carillion reference. Not only no account information, it would also appear the society photographer has been dropped! Well, it’s only a year to wait for the next AGM, so I have twelve months to build up my excitement to fever pitch for that report!

  2. Don’t worry about those who were absent, at least a photographer turned up and we can all see the fun that everyone had!

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