Plodders – 09/01/18


If your Plodder’s correspondent appears somewhat muted about this month’s outing, it is because he rose from his sick bed to attend, and sought solace back there soon afterward. The normal effervescence and bubbly wit had to be contained beneath many layers of clothing and a blanket of self-pity, ready for the January nip in the air. However, it proved surprisingly clement along the shoreline, just a shame that the sky, from one horizon to the other, was a uniform washed-out grey…… indeed, a metaphor for your correspondent…… washed-out and grey.

Keyhaven Marshes is somewhat of a mainstay in the Plodders’ programme nowadays as it can be guaranteed to provide firm underfoot conditions and offers plenty of birdlife to divert the attention at this time of year. As such, no guide is needed. Members make their own way, in their own time, at their own pace. (Indeed, I could have stayed at home).

The area, the sea air, and the walks always offer a cleansing of new year cobwebs, and I think this year proved no exception. It was good to get out there despite the gloom, and, again, The Chequers hostelry offered a welcome venue for lunch and a pint despite undergoing a kitchen refurbishment.

So, I hope our number enjoyed themselves, I just apologise for the company and the sorrowful countenance. I promise more spring in the step next time.

Off towards a grey horizon.

Twitchers par-excellence.

John has spied something of interest as well.

A merganser.

Hurst Castle and The Needles are somewhere out there.


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